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Sports Expert Faizan Qurashi Turns his Passion into Action

For any person with a true passion, it is nearly impossible to keep it bottled up. Whether it be activism, literature, or anything else, extreme passion cannot be tamed. For YouTuber Faizan eats, brea...

tabitha ireifej · July 31, 2019 · featured influencer

For any person with a true passion, it is nearly impossible to keep it bottled up. Whether it be activism, literature, or anything else, extreme passion cannot be tamed. For YouTuber Faizan Qurashi, this passion is sports. For as long as he can remember, he has been absolutely obsessed with sports. Talking about them, watching them, and of course, playing them. Eventually, Faizan became so overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge he accumulated on every sport out there that he decided to find an outlet. This outlet was YouTube. His subscriber count has grown tremendously within the past 8 months or so, and I got to sit down the Faizan and hear about how his channel became a slam dunk. 

Turning Passion into Action

Faizan eats, breaths, and sleeps sports. His sincere passion for sports was abundantly clear during our conversation. He has an immense amount of information to share about every sport, every team, and every big event. He knew he had plenty to say, and there were people out there who wanted to listen. Even if his friends and family weren’t as excited to talk about sports as Faizan always has been, he knew he could find an audience that would share his excitement and joy. “I got all this stuff I want to share… I will find somebody who wants to hear it,” says Faizan. This urge to find an audience with a mutual passion for sports was his motivation to create his YouTube channel, “Faiz Sports Talk”. 

A Big Learning Curve

After Faizan decided to share his passion through YouTube, he realized there was a lot to learn about managing a channel. Between editing the videos, setting things up on YouTube, and everything in between, there was a huge amount of learning that needed to be done. For Faizan’s channel to grow the way he waned, he needed to get the know the YouTube game just as well as any sports game. Although he knew there was a lot to learn, Faizan was confident in one thing: “I just like talking to the camera... If you put a camera in front of me and tell me to talk sports, I can do it.” He stayed constantly focused on the long-term goal of creating a successful channel, which is what drove him to incorporate his interest in sports into something he was unfamiliar with. It turns out, Faizan fits into the YouTube game just as well as Kevin Durant fit with the Warriors. 

From 0 to 1,000

One of Faizan’s favorite sayings is “The first million is always the hardest.” Faizan, though he hasn’t reached 1 million subscribers yet, can relate to this saying; “I like that quote because, for me, the first thousand was the hardest, and since then it’s been going pretty well.” Faizan attributes his success to his consistency. Becoming more consistent with his posting, editing, and all-around management of his channel was the key ingredient to his growth. In any sport, they say practice makes perfect, and for Faizan, running a YouTube channel became a sport of its own. It took practice, dedication, scheduling, and most importantly, frequency. It wasn’t until just about one year ago when Faizan kicked it into high gear; “I started telling myself ‘I’m going to upload every week’”. This was the first step to completely re-structuring his channel. He upgraded his background to include a custom “Faiz Sports Talk” logo, he began to plan out his video topics in advance and prepare notes, and he gave himself a consistent posting schedule. Faizan said that this consistency was the “biggest thing” for him; “I started just posting content, after content, after content, and in the last 8 months, I’ve had the biggest growth I’ve ever had on my channel.” Faizan has become an absolute machine when it comes to posting videos. He went from posting bi-weekly videos to daily videos, and sometimes even more than one video a day. He’s constantly staying on top of the latest news and posting about it while it’s still hot. Faizan wants his viewers to know that they can always expect this level of consistency from him that they may not be getting from other YouTubers in the sports niche.

The Future of "Faiz Sports Talk"

Faizan’s unmistakable passion for sports is the sole motivation of growing his channel. It isn’t money, nor fame, it’s simply the pure joy he feels sharing something he loves with an audience. He hopes to continue to grow his audience, as he would love for “Faiz Sports Talk” to become his full-time purpose. I could tell just by speaking to Faizan that he is incredibly motivated and dedicated to the growth of his channel. Soon enough, “Faiz Sports Talk” will be an absolute grand slam. 


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