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Katya Awar Uses Story-Telling to Connect with Audience

Getting into the YouTube industry can seem like a pretty daunting feat. There are so many factors to consider when beginning a channel.From the creative intellect to the internal challenges of findin...

tabitha ireifej · July 5, 2019 · featured influencer

Getting into the YouTube industry can seem like a pretty daunting feat. There are so many factors to consider when beginning a channel. From the creative intellect to the internal challenges of finding inspiration and combating judgementalism, it may seem like you have to move mountains to launch a YouTube career. College student Katya Awar, however, is living proof that these mountains can, in fact, be moved. Her Youtube and Instagram presence continues to grow every day. 

Katya felt compelled to begin her YouTube channel just a short while ago and has already reached over 10,000 subscribers. Despite some obstacles along the way, Katya has reached a point where she is a true model of inspiration. Through her cheerfully authentic story time videos she connects with her viewers on an incredibly personal and relatable level, which is the very essence of her channel. I sat down with Katya and was able to learn what inspired her to begin this journey, and the challenges and triumphs she’s faced along the way. Let’s start from the beginning…

Getting Inspired

It isn’t news to anyone that, in recent years, YouTube has become an incredibly popular source of entertainment for people all around the world. It’s become something that can sustain a real career and huge internet following – Katya’s first role in the YouTube realm was as one of these followers, intrigued by the power of YouTube to entertain and reach out to an audience. After watching Zoella and PewDiePie, two popular youtubers who create very different content, she took inspiration from their creativity and uniqueness. Between Zoella’s beauty and lifestyle videos and PewDiePie’s more comedic approach to his content, Katya felt as though she fit in happily in the middle – right between the two seemingly different worlds of beauty and comedy. Her excitement was absolutely bubbling to create her first video, but there were a few challenges she faced in taking that first step.

A Major Speed Bump

Being a high schooler, especially in today’s age of rapid social media usage, isn’t all sunshine in rainbows. In fact, it’s quite the opposite sometimes. To be frank, kids in high school can be flat out mean. Don’t get me wrong, high school is an incredibly meaningful time of self-discovery and creative expression, but sometimes walking through the halls can feel pretty scrutinizing. Especially when you are taking creative risks that others don’t expect you to take. For Katya, this risk was posting her first YouTube channel. She was worried about people discovering her channel, even if she didn’t promote it herself. With the way teenagers communicate online these days, word can spread like wildfire through social media. In Katya’s case, her high school environment, with only 200 students in her grade, was a large obstacle for her. This obstacle didn’t stop her, however. It motivated her to hold onto her excitement, passion, and ambition until she felt completely ready to create her channel after high school was over. This day arrived, slowly but surely, and Katya felt she had the freedom to create completely authentic and unapologetic videos that she loved.

Getting into the Groove

Katya’s first videos were about her experience with bullying; an experience she wanted to use to inspire and advise others who have dealt with the same struggle. This was a topic she felt confident about discussing with her fans, because she wanted them to see her true, honest self. Spreading a positive message through her YouTube channels is very important to Katya. Finding light at the end of hard moments in life and expressing them in a humorous way turned out to be very therapeutic for Katya, and she is happy to share these moments with her viewers. Katya came to realize that her “story time” videos were the ones that got her the most excited to film, so she ran with it. Her channel is full of exciting stories that are sincere, and genuinely relatable. Between her paranormal experience and combatting the ridiculous rules of private catholic school, Katya let’s her viewers in on some of her most personal experiences. Her channel is like a window into her life – after watching some of Katya’s videos, it feels like you truly know her. 

Learning Along the Way

After speaking with Katya about her experience building her YouTube channel, I could immediately see the happiness that she finds in connecting with her audience. Katya has learned to have a completely positive outlook on taking risks, even when that risk involves sharing personal moments to an entire world of viewers. It can be nerve wracking, especially in the context of high school, but it is an immense learning experience. Katya learned about how to express her passion in a meaningful way, how to deal with the fear of judgement, and how to make a genuine connection with people through the art of storytelling. She was able to offer amazing advice for people just like her feel that they can inspire an audience through YouTube just as she has. 

Katya’s Advice for Aspiring Influencers

The hardest step in creating a YouTube channel is taking the first step. Katya had to learn the hard way that not everyone will support you, even some of the people you expect to. She had to re-evaluate some of her friendships at times when others expressed a lack of support for her channel. In the words of Katya herself, “If you’re friends aren’t supporting you, they probably aren’t your friends.” She was able to take her experience and learn something very valuable from it, something she hopes other aspiring YouTubers hold onto as a piece of advice; it isn’t worth it having people in your life who are unsupportive, and you shouldn’t make decisions based on how those people might react. You don’t need any fancy equipment or software. All you need is the confidence and passion to produce and share content that you love. Real fans will appreciate your courage to take a risk for something you love, and they will keep coming back for more!

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